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Network Specialist I

Network Specialist I

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  • TR/TSR/TSO Development:  Generate Telecommunications Requests (TRs), Telecommunications Service Requests (TSRs) and Telecommunication Service Orders (TSOs) in the DISA Direct Order Entry (DDOE) system from requirements received/identified by the Gov’t.
  • Perform telephonic desk-top surveys and review current databases such as the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) Online system, World Wide Online System (WWOLS), Telecommunications Certification Office Support System (TCOSS) and knowledge management sources.
  • Evaluate existing circuits and develop baseline information to ensure all admin/technical information on all provisioning documents is correct.
  • Circuit Design Support: Analyze proposed network topologies and provisioning solutions to ensure compliance with program goals.  Determine configuration/location of all DISN equipment and services and identifies all on-conforming circuits. 
  • Develops and engineers technical solutions supporting required DISA Transition, tech refresh and project-based circuit/trunk/line requirements, including optical transport, unclassified and classified IP services, and commercial service ordering. 
  • Cost Analysis Support: Utilize Gov’t pricing systems (Telecommunications Inventory and Billing Information (TIBI) and commercial vendor pricing tools to determine costing information for requirements.   
  • Circuit Implementation Support: Identify circuit implementation requirements as provided by applicable provisioning documentation and databases. Coordinate/facilitate the scheduling and execution of all implementation activities.  Tracks and reports the status of each circuit implementation.
  • Develop TRs (Telecommunication Requests) for submission into DDOE (DISA Direct Order Entry.
  • Develop TSOs (Telecommunications Service Orders) In WWOLS-R and NCCM-R.
  • Engineer technical solutions for circuit requirements and customer services in WWOLS-R and NCCM-R, including writing IRs (Implementation Requests) for equipment installs.
  • Tracks the TSO (Telecommunications Service Order) and the IR (Implementation Request) for the new technology of the Customer.
  • Facilitate delivery of commercial leases and coordinate activation of the services with customers, commercial vendors, GNSC and other internal and external organizations.
  • Knowledge in the following transport technologies: DSDM, SONET/SDH, ATM, Promina, DSN/DRSN, L2VPN, L3VPN


  • Minimum of 1 year experience with network communications or IT related AA degree
  • Knowledge and experience with software and hardware tools and identifies and diagnoses complex problems and factors affecting network performance.
  • Minimum Secret Clearance
  • 8570 Certification Desired


Searching for Network Specialists Level I who will be responsible for circuit provisioning, circuit engineering, and providing customer service request fulfillment on the DoDIN (Department of Defense Information Network) in support of DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency). Follows all Government approved and provided Circulars, Instructions, Policies, work instructions, provisioning rules, and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) when provisioning a service request in one of the following areas:

  • Order Preparation: Follows all Government approved and provided Circulars, Instructions, Policies, work instructions, provisioning rules, and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) when provisioning a service request. Acts on behalf of the customer to enter the service request details into DISA Storefront (DSF).  Reviews the request for completeness and clear requirements, to include funding authorization. Verifies correct points of contact (POC) for each location through which the circuit traverses.  Engages with the customer if the service request is incomplete or requirements are unclear.  Obtains cost estimates from GSM-O RF.  Tracks requirements through the entry system approval process, reaches out to stakeholders and facilitates approvals as necessary to ensure continual forward progress of the service request.  Develops service orders within configuration management databases such as MetaSolv (MSS), WWOLS, or other tool(s) as furnished and identified by the Government, including access to classified/SIPRNET.
  • Solution Design: Assumes overall “Service Delivery” responsibility and actively facilitate resolution of identified impediments from service order initiation through final completion.  Works in DSF to design and develop the circuit during the Order Entry phase.  Enters and updates configuration and administrative changes in the configuration management database. Identifies and allocates building components, modules, ports, virtual interfaces and/or cross-connections.  Maintains non-conforming circuit lists for those circuits that do not have a viable technical solution available.  Supports DISA projects using existing and/or future Government configuration management databases to develop and maintain comprehensive lists of circuits, known as Master Circuit Lists (MCLs), and trunks that are impacted by the project.
  • Service Activation: Coordinates with customers and assists with test and acceptance procedures. Identifies Installation Bill of Material (IBOM) needed to complete the circuit transition and activation, to include low-cost expendable supplies such as cables, connectors, patch panels, and fasteners.  Creates Implementation Requests (IRs) to request IBOM to be shipped from the DISN warehouse to the service location.  Tracks the status of submitted IRs in the Government provided tracking repository such as the IIEx or MIDS systems.  Creates Implementation Requests (IRs) to support capacity builds required when the existing SDN requires expansion, build out, or reconfiguration to support the proposed solution for service order actions as discovered during the evaluation process.



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